Chris DiCesare known for being on SyFy Channel's 'School Spirits' series and the movie 'Please Talk With Me' is coming to investigate Hotel Utica and has a special message for everyone.

Chris DiCesare is coming to Utica on Halloween 2015 to join Haunts & Legends LIVE along with Kris Williams to lead participants in a first time ever investigation of the Haunted Hotel Utica including the forbidden floors. Chris DiCesare first encountered the paranormal in 1985 in what would come to be known as the C2D1 haunting at Suny Geneseo. Chris has a special message for Haunts & Legends LIVE attendees.


As a young college student, Chris DiCesare‘s view of life was forever changed by a series of horrifying events in and around his dorm room: C2D1 at SUNY Geneseo. From early February through late April of 1985, he and his college friends endured what is now referred to as ‘The C2D1 Haunting’.

After almost a quarter century of avoiding the spotlight, in 2009 DiCesare – convinced by the level of respect and authenticity provided by the “Please, talk with me…” film project – finally agreed to share his experience.

Following a 2011 college speaking tour, Chris was featured on the SyFy channel’s show “School Spirits.” The episode titled ‘Dorm Room Nightmare’ first aired on June 27th, 2012 and gained national attention.

***Hotel Rooms include tour of Forbidden floors with SyFy stars and ghost hunters, admission to Psychic fair, the ability to meet the talent, in addition to the ability to investigate other floors of the hotel independently or with talent as time permits.

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