While the Utica Comets came up short in last season's Calder Cup finals, Utica's fans proved just how important we can be. Paul Bissonnette of the Manchester Monarchs told ESPN he was intimidated to play at the Utica Auditorium.

Bruce Bennett, Getty Images
Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

In an article published on ESPN.com March 29, 2016, Bissonnette was asked if he had any interesting memories from his Championship run with the Manchester Monarchs (who have now relocated to Ontario, California), here is his response:

They had a crazy atmosphere in Utica. It was nuts. My parents were sitting behind a guy who had a prosthetic leg. When they would score, the guy behind him would fill it with beer and chug it out of the prosthetic leg. They were all over us. The most I've ever been intimidated [in] an opposing rink.

Since professional hockey came back to Utica in 2013, the Utica Auditorium has made a name as one of the loudest and most intense places to play in the AHL, and Bissonnette's comments now solidify that reputation.

Keep it up Utica! GO COMETS!!!!

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