During Wednesday night's Comets/Marlies game there was a special out-of-towner in the stands, and we left an impression on him we're sure he won't forget.

Sean MacDonald is a road trip sports guy, who spends his time writing about different sports venues all across the country. On Wednesday, he had the opportunity to witness the best of Utica - A comets game in our own Utica Memorial Auditorium. Although he still has other rinks to see that host minor-league hockey games, it didn't stop him from naming our area as one of the best. According to Syracuse.com,

"Overall, this is probably my favourite rink in the league, the epitome of what minor-league hockey should be,'' [MacDonald] said. "Having a passionate fan base, a nearby bar that raffles jerseys before the game, affordable food and beer options, ticket exchanges with no fees, and a unique, innovative arena combine to make this a must-see experience...

It's great to see Utica get some good recognition. We have a lot to offer the rest of New York, (and the rest of the country for that matter). Let's go Utica! And keep showing our visitors all the greatness this area has to offer!




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