A recent survey by CouponCabin.com shows that Americans are very generous with their pets, particularly the canine kind. More than one in five people surveyed say they have held or attended a birthday celebration for a pet. Would you believe that one in 10 pet owners have health insurance for their pets. Wow.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Also according to the CouponCabin survey;

Nearly a third of dog owners have celebrated their pet’s birthday, while only a quarter of cat owners have.

Pet funeral and memorial services are also somewhat common, with 16% of adults saying they have attended one.

62% claim to spend less than $50 a month on their pet.

22% spend between $51 and $100.

9% spend between $101 and $200 a month.

6% lavish more than $200 a month on a pet.

Nearly half of dog owners spend more than $50 a month while only 37% of cat owners said as much.

36% of pet birthday bashes cost $20 to $49, and 17% cost $50 or more.

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