Today we're featuring Mark Richards' cat, Snickers.  Her people are Mark, Tammy, Mark and Dylan:

Mark Richards TSM

Our  cat's name is Snickers.  She's lived with us for over 9 years.  She's a cat and we adopted from The Stevens-Swan Humane Society. If you'd like to do the same please take a look at the pets we feature on Adopt a Pet Wednesdays. And remember, The Stevens-Swan Humane Society’s Auxiliary is hosting a Cinco de Mayo 'Cupcakes for Critters' fundraiser at the New Hartford Shopping Center from 11AM till 5PM tomorrow, Saturday May 5th, at the former Harris Brothers Store. The Auxiliary is kicking off their 2012 Raffle for cash and prizes at this time and tickets will also be available at the bake sale.

Well, Snickers is a furry cat that will make you sneeze if your allergic to long hair cats. She is an America bobtail cat with a funny bend in her tail that actually feels kind weird to the touch.

We looked up the characteristics of an American bobtail cat and read that they have short legs, furry coats and are very affectionate with their owners. The description was right on.

She loves to be petted and brushed but is scared of our rambunctious 3 year old boy that often scares her out of the room.

Funny story of why we picked her over the other cats at the shelter. My son Mark who was 9 or 10 at the time and was in town for a visit. We wanted to get him a pet he could look forward too seeing when he was in Utica. We went into the shelter room full of cats in their cages and after a few minutes, one cat reached through the bars and touched Mark's arm with her paw. I said "Look at her brown colors, this cat looks like our furniture." Mark said she looked like a snickers bar wrapper, and there you have it.

Hard to believe she's almost 10 years old. Our family is looking forward to many more years with Snickers in a household that loves her.

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