Pull up a chair and lend an ear...just had to say that when talking about Evander Holyfield who may lose his privilege to drive. This comes over his child support debts. The strapped for cash boxing legend is about to have his driver's license suspended after blowing off more than $300k in child support payments.

TMZ has learned that;

The GA Dept of Human Services has been trying to collect cash from Holyfield for months, after he was ordered to pay over $500,000 in child support for his daughter Emani Holyfield ... but E.H. continuously failed to do so. Holyfield was even put on a payment plan to chip away at the debt ... paying $2,950 per month ... but according to court docs, he missed several payments and still owes $327,858.36. Now, a Georgia judge has given the Division of Child Support Services the green light to strip Holyfield of his driver's license -- or start the process at least -- as an incentive to get him to pay up. A hearing's set for August to check up on his progress. It's unclear how he plans to get to court.

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