In most buildings with more than one floor, there are stairs and either an elevator or escalators (or both). Most people don't bother with the stairs, unless there's a reason to.


It's hard to be the one to take the stairs when there is another way to get to the next floor (say, escalators, or an elevator). We know we should, it is healthier for us. But for whatever reason, we tend to take the easy way - call it human nature.

But what if there was an incentive for taking the stairs? What if there was a reason taking the stairs is better than the other options. Well, that's what this group did. Without stating their cause, they 'changed' a set of stairs to see if they could get more people to use the stairs instead of the escalator. AND IT WORKED!

Fun TheoryLove this. Making things simple & fun to change people’s behaviour for the better

Posted by Illegal Musik on Tuesday, May 20, 2014


What would you do in this situation? Would you still take the escalator? Or would this give you something good enough to take the stairs instead? Join the conversation on your Workday Kick-Off with Matt and Naomi
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