The baseball field from the 1989 Academy Award-nominated film starring Kevin Costner is going Major League.

The Dyersville, Illinois farm where "Field of Dreams" was filmed will host a regular season Major League game August 13, 2020. The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will face off in front of the famous rows of corn that produced The Ghosts of Baseball's Past. FOX will broadcast the game and 8,000 fans will get an intimate seat for all the action after Major League Baseball completes construction on a small stadium.

The cornfield will remain intact, but the dimensions of the outfield will be reconfigured. As of now, the cornfield sits just 280 feet from home plate down the right and left field foul lines, and only 300 feet in dead center. That's WAY too close for big league hitters.

MLB games have been played recently in different locations like London, Fort Bragg, and Omaha. What's next? The field from "The Sandlot"?

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