And you thought roundabouts were confusing to other drivers. What will happen when New Yorkers encounter their first flashing yellow arrow?

The new traffic control devices will be installed in the Capitol Region including intersections in Halfmoon, Shodack and Hudson Falls. According to WNYT, flashing yellow arrows mean left turns will be permissible if there is no opposing cross traffic.

Several flashing yellow lights have also been installed in the city of Binghamton. That means Regions 1 and 9 of the NYS DOT have begun using flashing yellows. In Region 9, which covers the Southern Tier, the agency says,

The New York State Department of Transportation is now using flashing yellow left turn arrows at select intersections. These arrows have been used successfully in other states and are approved by the Federal Highway Administration.

There are, to my knowledge, no flashing yellow arrows in Region 2, which is based in Utica.

Bonus Video - How to Read a New York State Little Green Sign

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