The city of Paw Paw, Michigan spent $100,000 to covert their downtown to back-in angle parking. Now the city is doing away with the scheme after an overwhelming 93% of residents voted to reverse course. Could upstate New York cities like Binghamton, Syracuse and Albany follow suit?

Reverse Angle-In parking is popping up in downtowns across America including Court Street in Binghamton and a portion of US 11 north of the SU Hill.

So if reverse angle parking so generally loathed by the traveling public, should cities stop setting up parking using this scheme, and should Binghamton and Syracuse reverse course? Let us know in the comments below.

Rhetorical Question - if reverse angle parking is so simple, why does the Indianapolis Department of Public Works need to do a produce a how-to video for baffled Hoosiers?

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