An interesting discussion on the People of Utica Facebook page got me thinking, are you still upset about or confused by the roundabout or traffic circle at Oneida Square?

The discussion began with a rant about having money to construction the 'Utica Tower' and the Oneida Square roundabout but not for adequately paying teachers.

The discussion on Facebook leaned toward the fact that the Utica Tower is privately funded and the roundabout was paid for mostly with federal dollars. What amazed me was after three years there continues to be anger, resentment and befuddlement over the use of the Oneida Square roundabout.

I'm not necessarily a champion of roundabouts. There are some (like the ones along the SUNY IT Parkway) that seem to be unnecessary - but may prove their usefulness once the Nano Center opens. But the Oneida Square roundabout couldn't be more essential. There are five streets (Genesee, State, Oneida, Park and Plant) that come together at Oneida Square. The antiquated and complex traffic light system at the Square that was in place before 2011 wasted electricity and gas from idling cars.

The roundabout at Oneida Square provides an easy, efficient way to navigate the area. And with the Soldiers and Sailors monument as a backdrop, the area is ascetically pleasing and historically significant.

So I'm curious to know, are you still in opposition to the traffic circle there? Let me know in the comment section below.

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