There won’t be any more yawning in this church. These prancing priests are tapping up thousands of views on the internet!

Dancing Fool

When it comes to dancing, I’m admittedly a novice. I mean it’s not that I’m terrible at it, it’s just that I have my own unique style that tends to attract attention. Just ask my former classmates at Middleburgh Central High.  When it comes to making it happen on the dance floor, I believe you have to just go out there and act like you own it. Then again, perhaps that’s why I often found myself partner less.

When I was twelve I wanted to be a professional break dancer. My dream got dashed after my friends told me that I just didn’t look cool in a do-rag….I beg to differ. They also told me that break dancers were naturally agile, athletic, and smooth…not brittle, sluggish, and gauche. They didn’t think I was cut out for windmills, head spins, elbow hops, and body popping. They also accused me of having “two left feet”. I can’t help but take that as a compliment because I’m a lefty. Since I have two left feet that must mean I’m a great dancer! But just in case break dancing doesn’t pan out, I may take up tap.  I figure all I need is a Harlequin floor, shoes that make a clicking sound, and an impeccable sense of rhythm right? Hang on of my co-workers is talking while I’m typing. He keeps telling me that I don’t have any rhythm….Alright, Alright! I concede, I can’t dance! So let’s watch these frolicking fathers trip the light instead.