Deb Cabral, the DeClutter Coach has a fantastic way to help us get organized this week. She shows us how to make the most out of the space under your sink.

Deb Cabral and Naomi Lynn are back in the kitchen! But we're not cooking up a meal, we're helping you get organized. Most of us keep our cleaning supplies, extra sponges, bleach, and things like that underneath our kitchen sink. With a little organization, we can make this area cleaner, and make it easier to access everything you need.

The DeClutter Coach shares her "Organized in 60 Seconds Video" which shows us some great ways to organize under the sink (which you can see in the video at the top of this page). One of the tips is to install over-the-door organizers on the inside of the cabinet doors. This is a great way to hang towels, brushes, and keep sponges off the ground. You can also use plastic bins to keep like-products together and organized. Deb Cabral also shows us this really cool cleaning caddy from Rubermaid that will keep your on-the-go products together and easy to access.

My favorite tip from the video is to install a tension rod to hold spray bottles. This makes everything easy to see, so you know what you have and don't end up buying more countertop spray, when you already have half a bottle. And with the bottles hanging, it makes easy to see when you're getting low on certain products, so you can restock before you run out.

I admit that underneath the kitchen sink at my house was NOT organized. I had bottles of cleaning supplies everywhere, so when I needed something I had to take everything out just to get to what I needed. Now, I can easily see what I have and access what I need.

We want to thank Deb Cabral the DeClutter Coach, for coming in and showing us this great organization tip. And you can always get more tips and tricks for organizing all aspects of your life by following Deb Cabral at: and at You can also follow Deb on her Facebook Page: DeClutter Coach Deb.

Don't forget to join us next Monday, with more helpful tips and tricks to get organized, from the DeClutter Coach.




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