Deb Cabral is with us again, helping us get organized. This week, she shows us how to put to good use, those items we already have around our homes.

In the video (at the top of this page), Deb Cabral explains that you don't have to spend money for all your organizing projects. She mentions that a lot of times when she's trying to help people get organized and motivated, they'll ask her, "What do I have to buy?" But Deb says, "Don't buy anything!" and we all want to hear that, right?! She explains that her and her team will go on a "scavenger hunt" and find items around the house that you can use for organizing. She shows us some of these items in her "Organized in 60 Seconds" video clip (which is also in the video at the top of this page).

In the clip, Deb Cabral shows us how to reuse that plastic pouch that new sheets and comforters come in. Deb says you can store off-season clothing in them, use them for traveling, or even keep the kids' toys organized (like their Legos and such). Plus, by keeping items in these zipper pouches, you can keep them clean and keep the moisture out, especially if you store these bags in your garage or attic.

The big comforter zipper bags are perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets when you have company staying over. By keeping these items in a big bag, it will keep them from getting that "closet smell" or getting a little dusty or dirty. And you definitely don't want to give your guests dusty pillows and blankets... gross.

A lot of times when we make purchases like these (shower curtains, sheets, comforters, and whatnot), we end up just throwing the bags the items came in, away. Instead of throwing them away, you can reuse them to organize other things around your house. At the end of the video, Deb Cabral also mentions that the tea she drinks comes in some very nice tins. Instead of just throwing out the tins, she reuses them for organizing. Deb even has one that she stores change in. Even glass bottles, pickle jars, and items like that can be reused for organizing.

Again, we want to thank Deb Cabral for giving us these great tips to help us get organized, and save a few bucks while we do it. You can always get more tips for organizing by following Deb Cabral at: You can also visit: and follow her Facebook Page: @DeborahJCabral
And we'll see you back here next Monday!




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