Hurricane Joaquin Could Affect New York State
Hurricane Joaquin has formed in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas. As of Wednesday September 30, the track of the storm remains undefined but could bring substantial rain to portions of New York State this weekend.
Hurricane Season Names
The National Weather Service has recently released the names that will be used with the tropical storms and hurricanes during the 2013 season.
10 Brave Reporters Stuck In Hurricanes
Hurricanes are no laughing matter. The destructive storms can bring heavy rains, strong winds and tons of damage to both people and places. Brave newscasters are thrust into the field to report on how bad the winds are, how people should stay indoors and the latest damage attributed to the storm. At…
Hurricane Irene Takes Aim at New York State [UPDATE]
In what may become a storm of historic proportions, Hurricane Irene is chugging north up the Atlantic coast to take aim at portions of New York State including New York City and Long Island.
The New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is offering the following advice to New Yorkers: