Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and reinvention. Looking out the window, the weather doesn't appear to be spring-like, but it’s here, all the same. This cycle of rebirth and reinvention doesn’t just apply to nature beginning the cyclical regrowth after a cold winter, it also encompasses our re-emergence into the world after semi-hibernation during the cold CNY winters.

Paranormal Investigators are no different than the rest of society. During winter, our cases dry up as even the ghosts appear to deem the weather too nasty. Any cases that we do schedule are at the whim of the weather, sometimes having to be cancelled at the last minute due to snowstorms.

Shadow Chasers

Some investigators use this down time for self-reflection. We look on the past year, examine our victories, and our low points, and use those experiences to shape the upcoming year. We analyze what worked for us, and what didn't, and use that knowledge to make us a better team.

The Shadow Chasers are no exception. Over our winter hiatus, we looked back on the last year. We've been able to accomplish a lot of amazing things this year, things that wouldn't be possible without the support and assistance of our fans. Yet, we found ourselves wanting to be able to do more for the people who support us. There is always a demand to join us on investigations, and we wanted a way to allow those unable to join us to feel like they were there, investigating alongside us.

We are proud to introduce the Supernatural Searches series. There are currently three episodes in the series, each taking place at a different location. The first episode was filmed at the Stone Meeting House in Remsen, and the second and third episodes were filmed at private investigations in Philadelphia, NY and Utica. We hope that these videos will provide an inside glimpse at our investigations, and we will be continuing these videos throughout the year, updating with every investigation we conduct.


[Contributed by NY Shadow Chasers]