Station 4 in Utica has put up their holiday decorations and it's complete with their "Happy Birthday Jesus - We Love You" sign that has caused controversy over the past few years.

The photo of the decorated Fire Department was posted on Facebook, and from the comments under the photo - Almost everyone seems happy with the decorations and the sign. Of course, that's not always been the case. Back in 2014, Station 4 received quite a bit of backlash for their sign choice. According to the Washington Times,

A fire department in Utica, N.Y., is facing fire from atheists and the Freedom From Religion Foundation for a sign posted outside its door that reads: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS WE LOVE YOU.”

The FFRF sent a letter to Utica Fire Department Station 4 demanding that officials take down the sign, saying it’s little more than a “religious endorsement,”

For a lot of people in our community though, the sign is just a sign. Once in a while a fight comes up about it, but Chief Brooks has said time and time again, "The sign stays."

How do you feel about the sign? Do you think it's perfect for the holidays, or do you think it crosses a line? We would love to hear what you think - Leave us a note in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page.



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