Tucked away in the center of Utica is one of the most historic, iconic and haunted locations that Utica has to offer. 

Rutger Park in Utica is a historic district of 5 grand mansions that shows the prosperity of Utica between the years of 1830 and 1890. The people who these mansions were constructed for are among the most prominent merchants and industrialists in America and all the houses were constructed in the style of grand nineteenth century Italianate style villas.

Over time the mansion fell into disuse and ultimate Rutger Mansion #2 was torn down  before the sale of the remaining properties to the state where the Rutger Mansions were converted into a nursing homes in the 60's-70s. After a couple decades of use they were abandoned.

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While the Landmark Society is working to restore the 4 remaining mansions Rutger mansion #1 or "Munn's Mansion" is lost in time. Old fixtures hang from the walls, the paint is peeling off almost every surface, old mattresses lay on rusted metal bed frames, shower curtains hang from forgotten hooks and even the old phones are intact.

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As the Landmark Society continues to restore the mansions to their former glory, now on the register of historic sites since 1973, those on site have encountered many ghostly happenings. People report seeing figures walking down the halls, hearing phantom footsteps on different floors and even hearing disembodied voices from empty rooms.

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