As a society, we are fascinated by tragedy. Something about a life cut unnecessarily short draws our attention, and haunts us.

In 1906, the tragic murder of Grace Brown captivated the country’s attention. Brown was killed by her lover, Chester Gillette, and was discovered floating in Big Moose Lake. Gillette went to his death proclaiming his innocence, although the evidence was stacked against him.

We’ve discussed the murder case, and the Gillette trial in our article discussing the haunted history of the Herkimer Court house, and now we turn our attention to the victim in the matter.

Prior to Grace Brown’s death, she and Gillette checked into the Big Moose Inn, he under an assumed name, she under her own name. She was there long enough to place her hat on the provided hat rack before Gillette rented the rowboat that would transport her to her death.

After her murder, however, Grace Brown has been spotted both at the Big Moose Inn, and on the lake itself, a smoky figure in a white dress that glides through the hallways, and around the shoreline of the lake.

[Contributed By NY Shadow Chasers]

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