The Battle of Sackets Harbor took place on May 29th, 1813, part of the war of 1812. Many still feel the haunting results of that battle today. At the time of the battle, the village of Sackets Harbor was utilized as a naval base, with multiple ships and stores of supplies. As the British held the Great Lakes, US naval forces were concentrated at the harbor, correctly believed to be the most likely place for the British to attack the American mainland.

The Battle of Sackets Harbor resulted in many losses on both sides of the battle. The British initially advanced at such a rate that the local militia retreated from battle, leaving their weapons behind. Once they retreated to their defenses, however, they were able to repel the invasion.

During the battle, however, a mis-communication arose that had dire consequences. British ships fired on the fort, and some of the cannon fire missed the fort, landing in the shipyards. One of the officers in charge of the shipyard mistakenly believed that the fort had fallen, and commanded that the ship under construction, and all stores and materials be burned. The ship was later able to be salvaged, but the destroyed supplies would become a larger concern over the course of the next year.

Shadow Chasers

Battlefields are always places of great death. American forces had over 300 casualties and losses, while the British had over 250. Even though the battlefield was later cleared and leveled to be used as farmland, and is now a state park, the energy of those deaths remain, leading to an area that is notoriously haunted.

Shadow Chasers

People have reported hearing the sounds of cannon and gunfire, and seeing strange lights and shadowy figures. Even though the war is long over, some of the spirits on the battlefield don't seem to be aware of this.