One of the most interesting paranormal accounts is that of the the phantom vehicle, in particular the ghost train. There are a number of variations of this account including a ghostly train and ghosts haunting a train. Phantom vehicles are so common that many insurance companies actually have a definition for legal purposes that generally reads something along the lines of "a vehicle is that causes bodily injury, death, or property damage to an insured vehicle, but has no physical contact."

There are many accounts of phantom vehicles including planes, cars, trains and ships told in every culture. The most famous of all is the 'Flying Dutchman' a ghostly ship that has been spoken of by sailors since the 17th century. Some of the more renowned ghost trains include the St. Louis Light, in Saskatchewan and the D.C. Funeral Train that is said to run from Washington D.C. to Springfield, Il on the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's death.

Locally, the Syracuse Fairgrounds are home to a number of haunted trains where the CNY Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society maintains a number of historic railroad locomotives, passenger cars and cabooses.  Train cars such as the D & H coach from 1916, Long Island MU coach from 1930 and the Strates car from the 1920's have extensive history and a number of reports paranormal activity.

NRHS attendants report the sounds of passengers talking in the coaches, mysterious shadows moving past the windows and on more than one occasion, phantom figures traversing the cars.

Watch a Tour & Investigation of the Trains:

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