I spent some quality time in Albuquerque recently. We visited for the International Balloon Fiesta, but in reality, I went for the food. With its strong Native American influence, New Mexican cuisine differs a bit from traditional Mexican or Baja style you'll find on the west coast. I grabbed a recipe for Green Chile Stew and made a batch last night.

When I was at Balloon Fiesta, one of the vendors was handing out postcards with a basic Green Chile Stew recipe. The one I used was from Chile Creations.

I modified their recipe, and here's what I came up with:

Brown a pound of ground pork with some Adobe seasoning

Add a chopped potato (I kept the skins on) and a can of diced tomatoes, a can of green chiles, a tablespoon of sofrito and a clove of garlic.

Cover with two cups of water and cook until the potatoes are tender to your liking.

Green Chile Stew
Eric Meier/TSM

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