It's getting to the end of this 'Quitting Smoking Challenge!' So how have things been going? Will Naomi Lynn make her goal of being smoke-free by December 1st?

You may have noticed there wasn't a 'week 8' in this Quitting Smoking Challenge Series. You're not mistaken, I didn't do an update last week. I didn't really have anything to actually 'update,' - I'm still fighting to be smoke-free, but I didn't have any new news to share.

This week I do, though. It's getting to the end of the Quitting Smoking Challenge. December 1st is my goal to be smoke-free (which is less than a week away!!!)

So how have things been going? Do I think I can reach my goal? Have a still been cutting back - am I only smoking 1 cigarette a day?

As you can see, it's really been a roller coaster ride. I give major credit to anyone who has ever quit smoking before - It's such a tough thing to do. I know with all the support of family and friends, and everyone following the Quitting Smoking Challenge Series, I can do this!




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