There's no easy way to say it: Beth got a bad haircut. Like, really bad. Like, spent-a-whole-day-crying-and-reviewing-her-hat-collection bad.

It happens to all of us once in our lifetime. There's no easy way to deal with a bad haircut. You go through the seven stages of grief. First, shock and denial: "Noooo. This can't be my hair. Maybe it's not so bad..." Then, Pain and Guilt, and Anger: "I should never have cheated on my hairdresser, I am so stupid." Depression: "My life is over...or at least my summer...sigh." And then you hopefully turn the corner to Reconstruction and Acceptance and Hope: "It will grow back. And I really like hats anyway."

Beth has her own solutions for a bad haircut (after the crying and shock and denial stage).

How to Deal with a Bad Haircut

  1. Vitamin Supplements - these allegedly make your hair grow more quickly. Who knows if that's actually true, but at least you fell like you're doing something.
  2. Chocolate - because chocolate makes everything better.
  3. Wine - see above.
  4. Hats - sometimes a barrette and judicious use of a curling iron just ain't gonna cut it.

There are bigger problems in the world, there's no doubt, but there's something about a really tragic haircut that makes you want to hide yourself in the closet with a container of ice cream and Netflix until it grows back.

Have you ever gotten a really bad haircut? What happened? How did you deal with it?



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