New York is filled with odd and interesting places to visit. These are the five most mysterious and unexplained.

At the Lake George Mystery Spot, there is a strange acoustic experience where voices are said to sound like they're in a cone.

The Thompson Park Vortex in Watertown has visitors reporting disappearances and instances of missing time.

Another place in New York that features unexplained sounds is Seneca Lake. There is an odd phenomenon known as the Seneca Guns which sound like loud cannon booms coming across the lake.

There are several reportedly haunted locations along the Erie Canal. One that's openly accessible to visitors is the towpath trail near Camillus.

Plattsburgh has more than its fair share of odd and haunted locations from its college to former Air Force Base (Building 666!). Another strange place in the northeastern-most city in New York is on the shores of Lake Champlain where, according to, visitors have reported strange disoriented feelings. Lake Champlain is also rumored to have America's answer to the Loch Ness Monster in a sea creature named Champ.

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