Maybe you bought a bag of coffee beans or were given a bag of coffee as a gift, but you don't own a grinder. Don't worry, that coffee doesn't have to go to waste.

And you don't have to give those coffee beans away. You don't need a fancy coffee grinder to use those magic beans (although, it really is the best option and you should consider investing in one). In the meantime, there's another thing you can do to break up those coffee beans so you can brew them.


Thanks to the good people at Death Wish Coffee, a New York favorite (that's now becoming pretty well-known across the country), we have answer. They published an article on what to do if your coffee grinder doesn't work, and according to their "How To: Grind beans without a grinder" article, you could use a blender to chop up those beans. Death Wish Coffee says,

Just toss your coffee beans in the blender and blend them on the pulse setting. Make sure you pay attention to how finely you're grinding them depending on your preferred brew method.

Pretty easy and straight-forward, right?? And if you don't have a blender or you don't want to put coffee beans in your blender, Death Wish Coffee says you could also use a hammer to break apart those beans. Of course, you'll want to put those beans in a plastic Ziploc bag before you start smashing away (so you don't make a mess).

There are a few other ways you could "grind up" coffee beans without a grinder, but these seemed the most easy, and most practical.

If you find yourself using a hammer quite often to smash up those coffee beans, you may want add "coffee grinder" to your shopping list. Seriously... You can buy one off Amazon for under $20. But if you're ever in a pinch, one of the suggestions above should suffice.




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