Running late for work? Maybe you're running late for meeting up with friends. No matter what it's for, here's some great excuses for the next time you're not on the ball.

Most of these excuses are only going to work if you're from the Central New York area, however. If you're late for a wedding across the country, you may want to come up with a different excuse (or re-word one of these wonderful excuses below). Hopefully these can save you from some trouble, and just don't use them too often - Your boss, friends or family may start catching on.

1. The Utica Cow escaped again and was blocking traffic on 5S.

2. Rainbow stopped me outside Price Chopper and wanted to sing a song - Personally, just for me. I couldn't say no.

3. I was driving down Arthur Street on my way to work and hit a giant pothole that took the wheel off my car.

4. "I know it's sunny here, but I'm telling you, it's a blizzard in Remsen. Seriously, I couldn't get out of my driveway."

5. I decided to try some 'Death Wish Coffee' and I ended up driving to Binghamton then over to Buffalo, and now I'm here. Also, my heart is going 90-miles-an-hour and I can't stop shaking.

6. They're doing more construction on the Arterial and my exit was closed. I had to drive down to the next exit and backtrack. It seriously took like 15 minutes.

7. "I couldn't get out of my driveway. There was a deer just standing there and it didn't get scared, even when I got in my car and tried to back out...
...I know I live on Genesee Street, but these deer aren't afraid of cars or people. They're just a nuisance - I think someone has been feeding them."

8. I forgot my money for I-90. The toll booth attendants weren't too happy. Luckily, they didn't arrest me.

9. I was stuck at the red light at Sunset and Burrstone. That light is like 5 minutes long.

10. Apparently, there was a 5k this morning on Culver Avenue. There's too many runs and walks around here, I can't keep track of all of them.

11. They were filming a movie in Hamilton and the streets were blocked. Not to mention the huge crowds that gathered to see what was going on.

12. You should be lucky I even came into work today.

****You may not want to use excuse number 12. Unless you want to get fired, because that's probably what would happen. Just sayin'.




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