Hurricanes are no laughing matter. The destructive storms can bring heavy rains, strong winds and tons of damage to both people and places. Brave newscasters are thrust into the field to report on how bad the winds are, how people should stay indoors and the latest damage attributed to the storm. At this point, hurricane reports have become something of a routine occurrence, but these reporters are in for a surprise.

Grace Under Pressure

This guy gets knocked around by the waves for a bit and starts to retreat, when he steps through a broken stair and is almost sucked into the water below. Somehow, he manages to keep his cool, speaking very calmly throughout the report.

Geraldo Rivera Gets Blown Away

Geraldo Rivera’s wipeout isn’t shown on camera, but you can hear the splashdown and see him recover, soaked to his mustache. Through the waterlogged microphone’s hiss, Rivera sheepishly groans, “Oh no, I know I’m gonna be a star on YouTube now!”

Reporter Takes a Tumble

This Weather Channel reporter pauses mid-sentence not to catch his breath, but to instead take an awkward tumble into a nearby bush. No comment from the absolutely stationary camera operator.

Bye Bye Camera

Oops, that’s gonna cost a pretty penny! At least the reporter got to finish his sign off before the camera took the plunge. The sound of the audio track slowly fizzling away is a perpetual reminder: hold on to your equipment when you’re in a hurricane.

Wind 1, Man 0

The ultimate battle: Man Vs. Wind! Jeff Morrow really doesn’t want to be pushed back, but the storm’s got other plans for him. A valiant effort regardless, bonus points for trying to sneak underneath it.

Full Moon in the Storm (NSFW)

This anchor’s report on Hurricane Irene is bitter. It’s not the storm that makes this reporter so angry, but the careless frat boys parading around behind him. The guy in the red even reveals a full moon!

The Perfect Music for a Storm

Watching the guy in the orange slowly tumble down the street is funny, but the uploader’s Benny Hill-esque soundtrack makes it that much better.

Oh, that Roker!

Al Roker’s “Don’t you wish you had your weight back?” would be the highlight of the video if not for the anchors casually commenting on his poor choice of wind support. Next time, grab the fence and not the sound guy!

Some People are Born Dumb

We’re not sure what’s worse here: this idiotic and dangerous romp through the storm, or the newscaster back in the studio calling the field reporter stupid to a widespread audience?

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does Whatever a Spider Does in a Storm

…and finishing out our list is perhaps the thing we’d least expect to see in these conditions. Hang on, Spidey!

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