Hurricane Joaquin has formed in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas. As of Wednesday September 30, the track of the storm remains undefined but could bring substantial rain to portions of New York State this weekend.

Update 9/30/15

The National Weather Service in Binghamton has issued their first briefing on Hurricane Joaquin and how it could impact Central New York. There remains too much uncertainty as to the track of the storm to give any definitive predictions.

The current model from the NWS places the center of rotation of Joaquin just off the coast of the Delmarva Peninsula near Delaware and south of New Jersey by Monday morning.

Original Story 9/28/15

The storm, which is currently considered a tropical depression, would become Joaquin if it gains enough strength to become a tropical storm, which the National Weather Service says may happen Tuesday afternoon.

In addition to New York, New Jersey, the Delmarva Peninsula and North Carolina's Outer Banks could see the effects of Joaquin.

Bonus Video - Faint Sunbow Captured Over Utica

On a day without rain, Utica saw the rare astronomical phenomenon known as a sunbow.

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