When will we stop?? It's another Central New York city as if they were a movie. This time our target is the town of New Hartford.

We've been having so much fun turning cities and towns all across Central New York into Hollywood Movies - or should we say, we've been making movies more 'fit' to our area. We've already brought you:

- "If the City of Utica Were a Movie, It Would Be..."

- Our "Village of Ilion Movies"

- "If the City of Rome Were a Movie, It Would Be..."

...And now we decided to focus on New Hartford. Here are common movies that we changed the title to 'work better' in this town. These are our Top 10 favorites.

1 - How to Lose a Cow in 10 Days

2 - Walk Along Commercial Drive

3 - Breakfast at Georgio's

4 - The Last House on Oxford Road

5 - The Perks of Being a Spartan

6 - Sangertown Rats

7 - Straight Outta The Village

8 - Mission: Impossible Shopping Nation

9 - Weekend at Cavallo's

10 - The Red and Blue Spartan Rises



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