When will we stop?? It's another Central New York city as if they were a movie. This time our target is the town of New Hartford.

We've been having so much fun turning cities and towns all across Central New York into Hollywood Movies - or should we say, we've been making movies more 'fit' to our area. We've already brought you:

...And now we decided to focus on New Hartford. Here are common movies that we changed the title to 'work better' in this town. These are our Top 10 favorites.

1 - How to Lose a Cow in 10 Days

2 - Walk Along Commercial Drive

3 - Breakfast at Georgio's

4 - The Last House on Oxford Road

5 - The Perks of Being a Spartan

6 - Sangertown Rats

7 - Straight Outta The Village

8 - Mission: Impossible Shopping Nation

9 - Weekend at Cavallo's

10 - The Red and Blue Spartan Rises