You've probably heard there is a connection between your personality and where you were born - whether you're the youngest, oldest, middle, or only child - But is there any truth to that?

Many, MANY studies have been done, looking for a link between the two - personalities and birth order. Other factors affect personality, but there are some traits that oldest siblings share, as there are traits that youngest, middle, and only children share.

The oldest child in a family usually shows these traits:

- Leader
- Confident
- Respect for authority
- Good grades
- Mature
- A little uneasy in new situations
- Looks to others for approval

Middle children are known for having a little harder time finder their place in the family, and in the world. According to, here are some of the traits of middle children:

  • Low self esteem...
  • Shyness...
  • Middle children are diplomats...
  • Middle children can become problem children... goes on to explain these traits in detail (which you can check out here).
Other traits of middle children include:

- Level-headed
- Reliable
- Independent

And for the baby of the family? Well, these traits are pretty noticeable. They include:

- Rebellious
- Attention-seeking
- Outgoing
- Positive
- Manipulative
- Self-centered
- Funny

Let's not forget about children who have no other siblings. Only children show traits of both the oldest child and the youngest child. According to, some of these traits include:

1. Confidence and Self-Esteem...

2. Sense of Privacy...

3. Higher Academic Achievement...

4. Independent...

5. More Organized...

Other traits of only children also include:

- Extremely Creative
- Great at socializing and making friends


What about you? Where do fall in your family? Do those traits match up to your personality? Let us know in the 'comments section' at the bottom of this page.




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