If you're concerned about privacy in your own back yard, New York State has just passed a law that will make you happy. Although, it may not completely satisfy you or solve your problem, if you have one.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill making it illegal for your neighbors to utilize cameras to record activity on your property with intent to harass, threaten or annoy you. The last portion of that law allows for some wiggle room on either side.

But, the good news is, you have practicality on your side.

According to the Legal Encyclopedia feature on nolo.com, there are some strategies you might try if your neighbor has a camera pointed in your direction. Here's some helpful information from that site:

1. First, give your neighbor a chance to explain himself. Write him a note, or knock on his door.


2. Does he mistakenly believe you stole something from him? Or does he mistakenly believe you are, or a member of your household is engaged in dangerous or illegal activities?


3. If he does refuse to move the camera after the request or your invitation to dialogue, you might consider self-help options. Perhaps planting trees or shrubs will help, once they grow to block the view of his cameras. Similarly, you might install a tall lattice fence that will give your backyard some needed cover.

The final options would include consulting a lawyer. Seeing a note from an attorney, with a legal letterhead, might change your neighbor's mind. Court proceedings would be next.

If you have stories about neighbors infringing on your privacy, we'd like to hear about it, and we won't divulge your identity.


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