As a morning radio personality, the worst thing that can happen is to find myself tossing a turning in bed, unable to sleep. I get up around 4am so I must be tired and ready for bed by 9pm for a good night's sleep and if that's compromised, I'm in trouble.

Sleep experts say that it's both good and bad stress that keeps us awake at night. The trick to getting to sleep is to focus on the moment. What's happening right now is the key to falling asleep faster.

In an article posted on Huff Parents I discovered:

When we lose awareness of the present moment, our minds have a tendency to habitually get stuck in maladaptive ways of thinking.

When it comes to sleep, being mindful can help us from getting stuck on rumination in bed, quiet our minds and bring about relaxation... and eventually sleep.

So stop dwelling on the past and on what may happen in the future. I know it's easier said than done but, really try to think about the comfortable situation you're in right now. Focus on being relaxed and this should help you drift into the sleep you need for a good tomorrow.

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