Two of our regular benchmark segments grabbed headlines this week and made up FOUR of the Top 5 Best Of Beth & Dave highlights for the week beginning March 26, 2018.

We were entertained by dumb-but-lovable crooks, absent-minded moms, and Beth's emotional visit to the campus of the campus of the college where her daughter has chosen to attend next year. Listen to the highlights above, and here's a rundown:

1. Our daily 8:15 feature, Your Mom Must Be So Proud, gave us our title for this week's Best Of Beth & Dave. A man claiming to be named Jesus Christ starred in a classic and unforgettable 911 call.

2. Our tour of prospective colleges continued at SUNY Oswego. And, really, the crying has only just begun for Beth.

3. A Kinda Hard Question triggered another discussion about American Cheese. Beth is misguided about her preference for individually-wrapped slices, and a Central New York caller vigorously agreed with me.

4. Another edition of Your Mom Must Be So Proud featured, as it so often does, a story from Florida.

5. Another Kinda Hard Question centered on the correlation of anatomy and intelligence.


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