A New York State Supreme Court Justice issued an order evicting a 30-year-old man from his parent's home in Camillus after their son ignored their multiple demands to get him to leave.

Judge Donald Greenwood issued the eviction order in a court proceeding yesterday. Mark and Christina Rotondo of Camillus have been trying to get their 30-year-old unemployed son, Michael, to leave their home since earlier this year. They sent him multiple notices, asking him to quit, offering $1,100 to help find a new place to live, and even offering to help fix his broken down vehicle. In the end, a judge had to evict the man from his parent's house.

Syracuse.com, who originally reported the story, described the courtroom scene as "surreal," as Michael Rotondo didn't deny that his parents had asked him to leave, but insisted that he should be given at least 6 months to vacate the premises. One the judge issued his opinion, Michael called to reporters to give an interview - during which he spends a great deal of time fixing his hair. You can see that video at cnycentral.com.

Michael Rotondo says he plans to appeal the judge's decision. 

There's been a great deal of speculation about Michael's mental health, and accusation that his parent's have coddled him, but further reporting by The Daily Mail tells more of the story. According to their interview with Michael, he has a son that he lost custody of in September - Michael says that's when his trouble with his parents began. His parents filed for visitation with their grandson, and then insisted that Michael get a job and health insurance.

According to the Daily Mail, Michael refused so he could have access to free legal representation in the custody case. Michael has lived on his own, for about a year and a half and even briefly worked for Best Buy - but he's currently suing Best Buy for discrimination, asking for $340,000 in damages. He also went to college - but dropped out. 


With this additional information - is Michael a deadbeat or is he a victim of his bad parenting


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