Sometimes it seems like the whole workplace is in a 'funk.' Here's how you stop it from sucking you in, too.

It happens to everyone - Sometimes you just feel a little 'meh.' Maybe you're not necessarily in a bad mood, but you're definitely not in a good one. The worst thing is when this feeling starts taking over everyone you work with. Sometimes it's just for a day, other times for a whole week - Where everyone is just on edge. Here's how you can protect yourself.

 Smile Anyway

If you're already in 'that' mood, you have to try and fight it. Smile through it all. If you're not feeling bad and don't understand why it seems like everyone is cranky, still smile. Smiling will make you feel better, and hopefully it will rub off on others as well.

Don't Participate

If coworkers are coming to you to vent about whatever it is that's bothering them, let them. But don't participate. You can lend an ear without having to agree or give them more fire. And don't let their issues start bringing you down. Just because Suzy is late every day and Bob in accounting upset - Is it really your problem? Let the managers take care of the situation.

Compliment Others

It might seem kind of weird, but when you tell someone you love their outfit or think their hair looks amazing today... Well, it's hard for them to say 'thank you' and walk away still angry (some people still can, so don't be surprised though). It's just a nice gesture that may help relieve some of the pressure in the building.

 Wear Bright Colors

How can you be all-frowny if you're wearing a bright green shirt? What about a flowery bright dress? It may seem like the silliest little thing, but the bright color can really lift your spirits. Hopefully with you wearing the bright colors, others will see it and it will help lift their spirits, too.

Remember: It's Not Your Problem

In the end, if the rest of your coworkers are in a 'funk' and you can't seem to get anyone to snap out of it, it's not your deal. Just don't let it bring YOU down. Maybe they'll get over it, maybe they won't. Even using a few of these suggestions and trying to help others feel better is doing a lot more than most people would.



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