When Bart Simpson said "Don't have a cow, man," he probably hadn't visited Kylie's Diner in West Winfield. At Kylie's you can have a cow just about anything. The restaurant has a unique cow decor and a bovine-inspired menu.

The building had been a house and a dress shop before Kylie purchased it and turned it into one of the main businesses on West Main Street in town. We found she and her mom hard at work when we arrived for our latest installment of Small Town Eats.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

Located in Herkimer County, about 17 miles south of Utica, West Winfield has a population of 826, many of whom are regular customers at Kylie's. And farming is an important component of life in West Winfield and the surrounding area, so the cow theme is apropos.

There are dozens of stuffed cows, and ceramic cows, and pictures of cows, and a cow clock that moos at the top of every hour. All of the cows are gifts from customers, family and friends. It's a super-friendly atmosphere. Kylie says, "We are one big family here. I always tell anyone who comes in, we're just like family...we're on a first name basis...it's great."

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

We tried the Big Barnyard Breakfast, which is a delightful combo, featuring your choice of sausage or bacon, along with eggs any way you please. And we sampled the delicious Bovine Burger, which came with some perfectly prepared fries.

They serve a lot of ice cream in the summer. If you stop by Kylie's, make your mark by leaving a toy cow.