Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta opened their home to the one and only Oprah Winfrey for an episode of ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter,’ which is set to air this Sunday, March 18 at 9PM on OWN.

In this 30-second preview, Gaga, looking ravishing in a crimson-colored trench coat with big, full platinum waves, is seated next to the lookalike Mama G. Can you see the resemblance? Gaga certainly takes after her lovely mother, although we suspect Mrs. Germanotta never wore 10-inch platforms!

Oprah was offered access into the family home – a first! — and talked to the ladies about a host of topics, asking if the family refers to the singer by her given name of Stefani or as Gaga. But the funniest part is when Mama G says, “Her father and I were like, ‘I think she has a screw loose’” about their daughter. One can assume that Oprah asked about Gaga’s quest for fame or some of the things she wears to elicit that response. Guess we will find out next Sunday. Of course, PopCrush will provide a full recap of the ep when it airs, and we’re looking forward to hearing Ma G’s perspective.

The Mother Monster also dropped a bomb. When the interview turned to just herself and Oprah, she said, “Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time.” Perhaps Gaga is going dark on the interview circuit for a little while. That’s not exactly a bad idea. She has made the rounds and it’s time for her to zip her lips, focus on new music and go silent for a short period so we can miss her a little. She’s not overexposed yet, but she could drift into that territory, so it’s wise to pull back just a bit. We’ll find out the context of her quote in a few day’s time, though.

It’s worth a mention that during last night’s special where the big O interviewed Whitney Houston‘s family for the first time since her death, a longer preview of the Gaga episode aired, where she flat out asked the ‘Marry the Night’ singer about her relationship status. Maybe she’ll give up the goods about her “thing” with Taylor Kinney. Maybe not?

Tune in on Sunday to find out.

Watch a Preview of Lady Gaga on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’

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