As summer approaches, you may want to keep an eye on the water. Over the past few hundred years there have been accounts of a strange lake monster reputed to live in Lake Champlain.

The creature, "Champ," has started appearing more frequently with the popularity cameras and smartphones.The first accounts come from Native American tribes living in the area near Lake Champlain. The Abenaki called the creature "Tatosokok."

Even the famous French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, reported to have sighted the creature fighting with the Iroquois on the bank of the lake in 1609. While another Captain  gave an account of sighting an "enormous serpentine monster" in the 1800's.

Countless reports of sightings have been recorded over the years with one of the most significant pieces of evidence coming to light in 1977 with the Sandra Mansi photograph. Still more evidence is coming to light everyday including this video shot in 2009.

While some claim that these Lake Monster sightings are nothing but misidentified animals, accounts are still reported.


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