Yes, we may be a little late to the party, but hey at least we showed up, right?!

Matt and Naomi from You Workday Kickoff
Matt Hubbell/TSM

Lite 98.7 has finally gotten on board  with the whole 'Instagram' thing and honestly, we couldn't be happier. Matt and Naomi from Your Workday Kickoff, have been having a blast taking pictures - And actually trying to figure out how the online photo sharing and networking service really works.

Unfortunately, Matt and Naomi should have worked on their picture-taking skills before uploading the first picture, but it's a learning experience (or something like that).


Matt and Naomi trying to figure out Instagram

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(click on the caption of the pic, to see the actual pic)

After playing around for awhile, Matt and Naomi think they know what they're doing on Instagram. Well, at least they know the basics.

The cool thing about Lite 98.7 being on Instagram, is now we can give you a behind-the-scenes look at everything we're doing. You can see what we're up to in the mornings, through the workday, and in the afternoon - And we're excited to bring that to you!

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