How often do you complain throughout the day? Probably a lot more than you realize.

If you haven't noticed yet, Naomi Lynn is pretty much addicted to all these online challenges (especially any that do with actually improving yourself - not like eating cinnamon for the world's entertainment).

This latest challenge she stumbled upon, has to do with not complaining. If you listen to the Workday Kickoff with Matt and Naomi, you KNOW how much Naomi loves to complain. It's just what she does. This challenge however, took her 24 hours, trying not to complain - At all!

When all was said and done, Naomi noticed she had complained about 15 times throughout the day. She also noticed that she didn't talk as much as she normally does (probably holding back from saying something negative).

Now we challenge you. Whether you complain a lot or just a bit, pay attention to how much you do it. Try not to open your mouth if you feel like you're going to complain, and write down (or make a mental note) every time you do.

It's a lot harder than it seems. Give it a try.



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