If you've ever wanted to learn how to make your own mittens, now's your chance. Oh, and did I mention that mittens make excellent Christmas presents? 

My mother used to make warm mittens for my sister and I every Christmas. I never had a hard time identifying what lay inside that fluffy looking package that sat under the Christmas tree, but I always looked forward to unwrapping it. Most kids probably don't look forward to opening such practical gifts like mittens, but when there's a mother's touch involved, it makes receiving them a little extra special.

Whether you're hoping to save a little money or just hoping to craft a homemade gift for a friend or family member this Christmas season, this holiday life hack video will give you plenty of ideas. If you're looking looking for a crafty way to invent window decorations this video can help you out.

I've never been a fan of wrapping gifts; I'm just not good at it. It never fails, either my rectangular present ends up looking like a spherical mass of nothing, or my triangular gift turns into an octagon. I stink at using scissors (lefty problems;) which is another reason I don't like wrapping presents. If you feel the same way about wrapping gifts, check out this video!

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