For 20 years, Mariah Carey held the top spot on Christmas music with 'All I Want for Christmas is You.' This year however, she has been kicked out of that number one spot.

Mariah Carey Rehearsing for the Tree Lighting Ceremony in New York City
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

The times are changing! Mariah Carey's Christmas hit 'All I Want for Christmas is You,' has been the most played Christmas song for two decades. 20 years Mariah Carey held that top spot! According to US Weekly,

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” was released on November 1, 1994, as the lead single from Carey’s first holiday album, Merry Christmas. The song has continued to surge in popularity every year.

That is, every year until this one. Mariah Carey was taken out of her top spot by a cover of 'Wonderful Christmastime' by The Shins. The Shins even beat out the original 'Wonderful Christmastime' by Paul McCartney - which sits at number 17 on the list of most popular Christmas songs.

If you haven't heard The Shins' version of 'Wonderful Christmastime,' here is a YouTube video of it. It's only fair to hear what song kicked Mariah Carey out of her top spot this year.

What do you think - Is this song deserving of the number one spot of the most popular Christmas songs? Was it time for Mariah Carey to be bumped from her spot? (Come on, 20 years is long enough to hold a music title, right?!)
Is The Shins' version of 'Wonderful Christmastime' better than the original, or should Paul McCartney actually hold the number one spot?




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