There's no better time to to start moving to the beat than during the riot in Baltimore..Or at least that's what this guy thinks.

Dimitri Reeves wasn't looting stores or throwing torches in Baltimore while the riots were taking place. Instead, he was getting his groove on. Ironically, he was dancing to Michael Jackson's "Beat it!"  It would be safe to assume that his song choice was thought out well before he decided to boogie on down.

The lyrics are about life on the streets and gang activity, something Jackson was very detached from. He was schooled by tutors his whole life and became a star at a young age, so his interpretation of "two gangs coming together to rumble" was based on the celluloid interpretations that he'd seen, specifically West Side Story, which used gangs as musical art.
Some of the first dialogue heard in the movie - in a scene where some gang members have encroached on rival territory - is the emphatic line, "beat it."

The song "Beat it!" also infers that officers sometimes misuse their authority. The protest and rioting was incited after Freddie Gray died after suffering officer inflicted wounds. Regardless of this man's intentions for his protest prance, he certainly should be applauded for demonstrating his opinions in a harmless way!

Just Jen and I chatted about this guy and his dance this morning. Jen seems to think that he should make appearances at all protests to inspire and encourage others to demonstrate in a peaceful way. Take a listen!