Here are the questions and answers to this week's Mindbender Trivia from your More Music Morning Show...


Monday 04/24: 17% of people say they would do this, if they could go back in time... What is it?

Answer: Learn to play a musical instrument

Tuesday 04/25: This state west of us, has the most ghost towns compared to anywhere else in the US... What state is it?

Answer: Oregon

Wednesday 04/26: When asked to name the smell that best describes the United States, 39% of Americans named this delicious smell... What is it?

Answer: Barbecue

Thursday 04/27: Women spend about 10 times as much money as men do, on this... What is it?

Answer: Their hair

Friday 04/28: Stairs are the number one cause of household accidents. This object is the number two cause of household accidents... What is it?

Answer: Glass doors






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