Ever since the 'Despicable Me' movie came out, the world has fallen in love with these minion creatures. Now you can celebrate their success (and have a little fun) with this minion-inspired mixed drink.

The minions have taken the world by storm! First with 'Despicable Me,' then with the sequel, and now with a movie all about them - 'Minions.' The movie hit theaters just last week, but it has already been a huge hit for both kids and adults!

To celebrate the fun of 'Minions' here's an easy do-it-yourself drink recipe from 'The Tipsy Bartender.' This is the perfect drink to help you feel festive, or maybe if your kids are having a minions birthday party - well, it's a nice drink for the adults! The Tipsy Bartender makes this an easy drink to make, and takes you step-by-step through the process (from the actual drink, to decorating).

WARNING: NSFW - first off it's about drinking, come on now... Plus, there are spots where the language is a little 'rough.' Still worth the recipe, though!

Pretty easy, right? Plus it looks so cute! Definitely something I want to try making (although, mine wouldn't turn out that good - it would probably get all blended together and turn green).