Round One is done in our Restaurant Bracket, but we need your help still. We need you to vote for the number one, best restaurant in Central New York.

16 Restaurants in the area have been knocked out in our restaurant bracket, but 16 other restaurants have moved on to the next round. Now it's in your hands: It's up to you to vote for the 8 eateries that will move on to Round Three. Here's how the bracket looks now:

Photo Credit: *Updated by Naomi Lynn
Photo Credit: *Updated by Naomi Lynn

Voting is open now and goes until Sunday at noon (March 26th). You can vote one time per day, so make sure you get those votes in. And don't forget, you get to vote in each match-up (so you can vote in EACH of the 8 polls, not just one of them). Here you go, start voting:

We'll announce the winning 8 restaurants that will battle it out in Round Three of our "Munchie Madness" on Monday (March 26th), during your More Music Morning Show. And voting will begin to find the final four eateries.