Usually radio stations and media outlets offer advice to their listeners and viewers. This time the tables are turned, and we need your help!

After the great advice Matt Hubbell received after he accidentally shaved off part of his eyebrow...

Matt Hubbell Shaved Off Part of His Eyebrow
Naomi Lynn/TSM

...Anyway, after our Lite Listeners came to Matt's rescue, Naomi Lynn decided she would give it a shot. She has been dealing with something her whole life, but lately it's really affecting her work and she could definitely use some helpful tips and tricks.

Naomi Lynn has a major problem with time management. She knows she puts in as much work as anyone else in her office, but can't seem to stay on top of her tasks. Somehow she ends up working later and harder, just because she can't schedule and make the most of her time.

Can you help her out? Do you have any tips or suggestions for her?
What are things you do to help you manage your time well?

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