Darien Lake is officially open for the 2016 season, and with their opening comes a few new attractions to check out.

It seems like every year Darien Lake grows a little more. Last year the amusement park introduced two new rides: "Rolling Thunder" - Which is a 7-story steel loop you ride inside of, and "Brain Drain" - Which is a 70-foot tall water slide that drops you (like the floor disappears under your feet) through 300 feet of slide in about 10 seconds.

This year Darien Lake has two more attractions they've added.

RipCurl Racer

This is a water slide that lets you race your friends and family as you head down the tube. There are six different lanes that take you through 300 feet of colorful track. Check out the video for yourself:

Ignite the Night: Colorblast

Also new for 2016 is "Ignite the Night" - A full spectrum laser light show. According to Darien Lake,

...Music, Water, Fire, Video, and Pyrotechnics all come together for this laser light spectacular in the air, on the stage and all around.

The shows run nightly at 10:10 (after the park closes at 10p), and they run now until September 4th. You can watch Darien Lake's promo video for this new attraction below:

With all the new additions to Darien Lake, we're wondering what they're going to add for the 2017 season. Wouldn't it be great if it was another coaster??




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