Last week Eric Meier was nominated for the "Aircheck Challenge," and after watching his video (which was hilarious), I figured I would join in on the fun!

Okay so first off, an aircheck is a recording of an on-air personalities 'breaks,' or when they talk. It doesn't include the music, it's just a way for us to hear what we did on-air. It's also something our program directors (or bosses, you could say), would listen to and critique us on.

The challenge is to get your first aircheck you ever did and listen to it (and for most of us, it's pretty old... and pretty bad). Now, I couldn't get my first aircheck, but I got something even worse. The CD I will be listening to was of the first time I did a sports update for Q-Country 107, back in Port Huron, Michigan. This was before I was even a paid personality. I was actually interning for the station at the time, and this was the first time they put me on-air (their mistake).

So here it is. The first time I was on-air in Port Huron, back about five years ago.

Pretty rough, right?! I have to say, a lot changes in five years! I wonder how different I'll sound in another five years... hopefully it just keeps getting better. Now, the only one missing is Matt Hubbell. Come on Matt - let us hear yours!




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